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Quality, Service and Support…

Accomplishments Encourage Us

We’ve taken a wealth of experience from our careers, and now is the time to start giving back.

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Our Services

Our Philosophy

It’s not just about connections, it’s about the right ones!

We offer a product breadth and footprint no other company can match, but it’s our relationships that gets the job done.

Grow your business with Build Wells

Build Wells, a World – Class Global Sourcing company delivering significant and sustainable value to your organization from emerging markets.

We know that a supportive business partnership environment is key to helping your company thrive. Learn more about what Build Wells has to offer, from market awareness & industry knowledge to providing complete global sourcing services leading you to a sustainable, reliable partnership.


Gather Resources!

Connect Businesses!

Give Opportunities!


What is Your Benefit?

Manage quality and reliability risks

Create significant and sustainable value

Procurement Intelligence from Build-wells delivers our partners insights through categories and markets to enable effective procurement decisions.

Gain procurement insights that generate results

We deliver market awareness to enable effective procurement decisions.

Realize value by Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing from suppliers is an opportunity for sustainable procurement savings, offering you competitive advantages. These savings derive from directly taking advantage of capacity in the emerging markets. Therefore, retaining the margins charged by agents and distributors. Build-wells’s end-to-end sourcing capabilities can secure you the most capable and competitive suppliers.

Access Emerging Markets

Gaining access in emerging markets is challenging. Whether it’s Asia, Latin America, Central/Eastern Europe, or Africa. Build-wells has the global reach to open up these markets for you through our vast global networks.

Rapidly discover and secure value

We understand the challenges involved, and will lead you through a step-by-step, secure process to minimize risk and rapidly achieve results to the bottom line.

Tailored sourcing from emerging markets

We analyze your requirements obtaining the most adequate sources to fit your needs across all emerging markets.


  • Meet
  • Research
  • Connect
  • Agree

Build-Wells team will meet with our potential clients for what we call the “Discovery process” It’s the process we walk you through in order to discover your needs, current leads, sales processes and your business goals.

Our team will research all your given data subsequently to determine the right B2B connections and partnerships that will be customized to your business needs in pursuance of substantial success.

We will connect you to the coherent business you are searching for to finally exchange your values and goals leading to satisfy the requirements for both businesses.

At Build-Wells we work rather pragmatically and result-oriented with fast results that can be measured at any time. We are so confident in our concepts that we are paid 100% success-oriented.


Direct sourcing from suppliers is an opportunity for sustainable procurement savings, offering you competitive advantages.


We leverage our domestic and international network, professional expertise, industry knowledge, and synergistic vision to bring manufactures and clients together that would not normally cross paths. We focus on the manufacturers with the goal of delivering increased trades and productivity, while providing you with more awareness and consistency, with the extra benefit of compliance and

networking. If you’re a CEO or business unit leader, we can help identify top of the notch solutions to accelerate your business into higher sustainable growth.

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Knowing the region’s demands hands on with our expertise background Build-wells, your global sourcing agent, provides our clients with manufacturers worldwide and contract services that are unsurpassed in the industry. We support from the smallest to the largest companies worldwide partnering with manufacturers from 120 countries. We have the right data bases, networks, resources and

and skilled professionals to meet our commitment to our clients. With our specialists and experts all over the globe, we provide you with the complete platform that you need to know. Reliable partnerships, high quality services, trusted sources, diverse suppliers and factories where they are needed on time and at the lowest cost possible.

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